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What More is YouBoo [less]


  • A Booser is a YouBoo user.
  • A Booser can create a Network and then is the Boner of the Network.
  • A Booser can create a Station and then is the Boo Jockey of the Station.
  • A Boner is the owner of a Network. Networks have only one Boner at a time.
  • A Boo Jockey is the owner of a Station. Stations have only one Boo Jockey at a time.


  • A Network can contain Boosers; this relationship is called a Membership.
  • Networks are Open, Anonymous or Invite Only.
  • A Network can contain Stations; this relationship is called Affiliation.
  • Affiliations types are Boo Only, View Only or View, Boo + Cue (add item).


  • A Station has a Lineup. A Lineup is a list of Lineup items, each pointing to some internet content (like a youtube video).
  • A Station may be Affiliated with one or more Networks. If a Station is not Affiliated with any Network then only the Boo Jockey has access to it.


  • A Channel is the URL of a Station in a Network (Channel = Network/Station). A Channel is where the action is.
  • A Boo Jockey can Affiliate a Station with a Network they are a member of, or own.
  • The type of Affiliation can be View Only, Boo Only or View, Boo + Cue (default).
  • Boosers can only watch Stations in the Network they own or are a member of - Boosers view a Station on a Channel. The exception to this is a Station affiliated with an Anonymous Network, anyone can watch that Channel.

Things Boosers can do:

  • Create a Network.
  • Create a Station.
  • Invite another Booser into a Network they own or are a member of.
  • Accept or decline an invitation to join a Network.
  • Quit Network Membership.
  • Join an Open Network.
  • View, Boo or Cue an item in a Station Lineup via a Channel.

Things Boo Jockeys can do:

  • Affiliate a Station they are the Boo Jockey for with a Network they own or are a member of.
  • End an Affiliation between their Station and a Network.
  • Change the Affiliation type (View Only, Boo Only or View, Boo + Cue).
  • Give the Station to another Booser making them the Boo Jockey.
  • Pre-load and Edit a Station Lineup.

Things Boners can do:

  • Terminate an Affiliation with a Station. This makes it so that a Boo Jockey cannot re-Affiliate.
  • Restore an Affiliation with a Terminated Station.
  • Terminate a Membership with a Booser. This makes it so that a Booser cannot be re-Invited.
  • Restore a Membership with a Terminated Booser.
  • Change the Network Type (Open, Anonymous or Invite Only).
  • Give the Network to another Booser making them the Boner.

Channel Options - View, Boo And Cue:

  • View: This is the window the content will play in.
  • Boo and Cue: This is the window where you can boo what you are watching or add an item (cue) to the Lineup.
  • If you are viewing and booing from the same computer, open the View and Boo windows in different tabs or windows.
  • You are only counted as a participant if you have a Boo window or client open.
  • The lineup will not advance unless one View window is active for the Channel.
  • Not all options exist for all Channels, it depends on the Affiliation type the Station has with the Network.
  • The default threshold for booing an item off is greater than 50% of active Boo clients, except for 2 or 1 Boo clients, then a Boo always advances the Lineup.


  • I have a Network 'cool-network' which contains members.
  • There is a Station 'cool-station' affiliated with that Network.
  • There is a Network called 'lame-network'. This Network is one of many that wants to watch and boo 'cool-station'.
  • Someone in the 'lame-network' invites the Boo Jockey of 'cool-station' into the 'lame-network' Network and the Boo Jockey creates a 'boo only' Affiliation of 'cool-station' with 'lame-network'.
  • The members of 'cool-network' go to the Channel: and they can submit content (Cue), View and Boo. They are the only ones that can see anything at that Channel.
  • The members of 'lame-network' go to the Channel: and they can View and Boo.
  • The Boo Jockey decides 'lame-network' Booser's taste is so bad, he changes the Affiliation to View only.