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What is YouBoo [more]


YouBoo is a web content sharing platform that uses television industry metaphors. The goal is to allow multiple users to view the same content and additionally 'boo' it off and contribute to the lineup in real time.

This is not some variation of a critic/fan playlist nor is it some algorithm designed to predict human taste. This is live interactive TV as has been promised for a long time but has never materialized... until now.

Is this Television?

Hopefully it will feel somewhat like YouBoo turned TV into a game. The rules are basically those of old school TV. The option to be passive, which is a charm or curse of TV, can be combined with the freedom and choice of the internet. We would like to turn your phone into a remote control and your computer into a television. In fact, turn off cable and hook this box into your TV's digital input now!

But TV Sucks!

Mostly. But now you can contribute to the line up and boo a show off, or just sit there numb until the next thing pops on. Hopefully the real time experience will provoke you to share things you have found on the internet with people that are watching right now!

Beyond Viewing, Booing or Cueing - you can own a network, create stations with themes and rules and affiliate those stations with others. You can have private, open or anonymous networks. You can invite people into a network you are in and they can affiliate one or more of their stations with your network. The end result is a channel which you can View, Boo or Cue (add to the line up) in real time.

Or just go to an anonymous network and live dangerously.


Create a network and invite your friends. Create a station and affiliate it with your friends network. Plug the internet into the TV and view your channel. Watch in the same room and Boo and Cue from one or more devices or phones with web browsers. Or watch at different locations at the same time. No more interrupting the video to search for something else! No more super nerd monopolizing the viddy!

Note: currently only YouTube content is supported but other content sources will be added as we devolve.


You know how cool internet sites like this start with no advertising and then inevitably are ruined by advertising once the user base grows? YouBoo will make advertising part of the game. Stay tuned for further developments.



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